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Closet Makeover

With plenty of time on our hands we figured, let’s update our closet!

After six years in the house, this is one of the few places we haven’t touched yet – check out our DIY closet makeover, transforming our packed and dated coat closet into a functional and decluttered storage space!

The old closet (pictured) was just jam-packed with coats, shoes, hats, and a bunch of other junk that we never really used. Yes, there are four of us now but that doesn’t mean we need to have a hundred coats and pairs of shoes each! So not only did we renovate the closet, but we also used this as an opportunity to “Marie Kondo” the closet. You know, get rid of stuff that just doesn’t spark any joy for us.

Of course, the first step of this journey was to clear out all the junk and choose what stayed (stuff we are currently wearing), what went into storage (winter clothes and stuff we’ll be wearing later on), and what was going into the yard sale pile (everything else).

We wanted something that, when you open the door, you get a sense that “wow, these people are rocking the good life”.

The space is about 4′ x 8′ so there’s plenty of space to work with.

The must-haves:

  • Tidy storage and shelves for shoes, gloves, hats, etc.
  • Seating (so you can sit down and put on your shoes).
  • Coats condensed on one side (the current layout had coats on both sides)

Check out the video to see our coat closet go from drab to fab! (Yes… I just said fab… don’t judge me).

Let me know what you think of our transformation in the comments below! If this inspired you to do your own renovation, I’d love to hear about it!

Happy building,