Error 26 – How to Replace the Roomba Cleaning Head Module

How to Fix Stuff

Got an Error 26 on your iRobot Roomba? Well check out this video on how to replace the Roomba...

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Building, Lighting and Weathering a Studio Scale X-Wing from Star Wars


A long time ago, I was on a studio scale kick, and picked up a few kits off of the internet’s...

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No More Pine Needles! Faux Hykolity Christmas Tree Review!


It’s the holiday season! Are you in the market for a Christmas tree? Well our friends at Hykolity...

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Creating Spooky Lawn Witches for Halloween


If you’ve been looking for a way to up the creep factor and really freak out your neighbors,...

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How to Use NFC Tags to Connect with Fellow Cosplayers!


No room for Cosplay Cards (you know, those business cards that cosplayers use to get their name out...

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Easy DIY Treadmill Desk!


Get those extra steps in by turning your treadmill into a workstation! You just need a few simple...

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