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How to Set-up a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig

New to pocket holes? Want to learn how to set-up that new Kreg Pocket Hole Jig you just purchased? Well check this out.

And if you’re not using pocket holes, you’re missing out! I use pocket holes in a lot of my furniture joinery. It’s a quick, sturdy way to connect two pieces of wood together.

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And no, Kreg is not sponsoring this video. Maybe someday we can work something out.

Setting up your Kreg Jig is super easy!

Step 1

Set your board thickness and remember, a 1” piece of stock wood is typically ¾”, so make sure you actually measure your wood instead of taking the nominal size for granted.

Step 2

Using the gauge, set the collar to the depth of your wood.

Step 3

Clamp down your wood in the jig and drill.

And now you have a pocket hole!

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