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Product Review! The BASE CAMP Cloth Face Mask

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And now to the actual review!

I use facemasks a lot in the shop, especially when cutting wood, or sanding my 3d prints or models. No one likes to be inhaling that nasty stuff.

Well some people do… and that’s what kept them out of the good schools.

One thing I hate about using regular masks is that they’re disposable, so you’re just adding to the landfill problem.

A few years back I switched over to a reusable mask with replaceable filters, but I found that changing the filter on it was a big ol’ pain in the butt so I was on the hunt for a new one.

And then, coincidentally, a few weeks ago, BASE CAMP reached out to see if I would review their latest cloth facemask, and I figured, why not!?!

In the package you get three cloth masks, a green, blue and black one. You also get a set of spare stoppers which is nice.

First thing, I like the fact that this is adjustable and super easy to adjust.

It’s also adjustable to fit different size faces. And it’s designed in a way to cover and seal the entire face.

You can also insert a filter super easily into the mask. They aren’t included so you will have to buy those separately. I don’t have any around so I’m going to try this filter free.

I tested this out by cutting wood and sanding some primed 3D prints.

I didn’t feel like I was inhaling any dust or junk. And even though it’s a triple layer design, I felt comfortable breathing in it without feeling like I was suffocating.

So I call this one a win.

What’s also nice about these is that they’re great for going out in public during the pandemic. They’re very stylish!

It’s important to note that there is a disclaimer that says it’s not for use in a clinical setting or for medical use.

Overall, I’d recommend me these masks for light shop use or for errand running during the pandemic. If you do use them for stuff outside of your house, I would suggest adding a filter. Whether it’s a paper towel, a carbon filter or even a coffee filter. You can never be too safe.

They are hand washable so you can keep them clean after trips outside.  

I would not recommend these for working with noxious fumes like fiberglass resin, or other chemicals. Or even sanding fiberglass or resin things. I’d stick to a respirator mask or something.

So to recap. The pros.

  1. Adjustable straps.
  2. Adjustable mask to fully seal your mouth and nose.
  3. An adjustable nose bridge thing for the perfect fit.
  4. A pocket for a filter. Really awesome.
  5. They’re hand washable!

The cons.

  1. The package doesn’t come with filters.
  2. My glasses still fogged up with these. I have yet to find any mask that doesn’t fog up my glasses.

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Alright, there’s my review.

Two thumbs up!


BASE CAMP provided me with free samples of their cloth face mask for my honest and unbiased review. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my viewers. Your experience may vary from mine, so please keep that in mind when purchasing a product I choose to endorse.


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