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Building, Lighting and Weathering a Studio Scale X-Wing from Star Wars

A long time ago, I was on a studio scale kick, and picked up a few kits off of the internet’s biggest yard sale, eBay.

For those of you who follow the channel, you’ll recall I did a studio scale TIE fighter several months ago. Well around the time I picked that up, I also snagged this kit.

It’s been a few years, so I can’t remember the full listing but I believe they shared that it was a Captain Cardboard kit that was purchased and never started so they were just looking to get rid of it.

For those of you who are not absolute nerds like me, Captain Cardboard produced this kit for Atomic City models in the early 2000s and according to my research, was the first studio scale X Wing kit produced. The kit was allegedly modeled using original parts from the pyrotechnic X-wings used in the original Star Wars so if all that’s true, then this kit has some great lineage tied to it.

Check out the full video on how I put it together, lit and weathered it.

Shopping List

I was recently informed that the master molds for Captain Cardboard were purchased by Larson Designs and you can actually buy this kit here.

Visit my Amazon store for all the paints and supplies I used on this kit.

The base paint was Archive X’s Reefer White, which you can pick up here.

The Decals came from Etsy. They were great!


Check out this video from Models by Chris, this was a huge help and inspiration for my weathering.