Month: January 2023

Unboxing Spengler’s Nutrona Wand + Connecting it to the Haslab Proton Pack


After my recent acquisition of Haslab’s proton pack, I couldn’t resist picking up it’s tried and true companion – the Nutrona Wand....
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Review of the Haslab Proton Pack from Ghostbusters

Cosplay I had two dreams as a child of the 80s, being a Jedi and being a Ghostbuster, and thanks to Haslab’s...
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I Bought My First Gunpla!


I finally took the plunge and purchased my first Gundam kit, or Gunpla. What’s Gundam or Gunpla you ask? Gundam is a Japanese anime...
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DIY Quick Change Picture Frame for Kids Art


If you have preschool or elementary school-aged kids you probably have tons of beautiful artwork all over your house. Maybe it’s taped to...
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