Hey It’s AP

…and I just can’t stop doing stuff. Like seriously, if I don’t have a project going on, I get antsy. I think it’s because I grew up in the woods of Maine where my overactive imagination and a passion for film making, led me to start creating things at an early age.

When I was 8, I aspired to be a special effects wiz at Industrial Light and Magic and to this day I carry that passion for creation with me. From movie props to model making, custom wood furniture to home improvement projects, there’s always something going on in my shop.

Not only is the table saw and airbrush constantly running, but I’m also the dad to two wonderful little children, and the husband to one amazing woman.

Why Am I Doing This?

This started as a way for me to chronicle the stuff I create, however, I want to see this be a place of inspiration for the budding maker. I’m not a master at anything, but I have a lot of interests like a lot of you out there, and it doesn’t take much to bring your ideas and passions to life. If I can help encourage you to stop planning and start making, then my job is done.

Me and my future makers.

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