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How to Easily Install Recessed Lights

We’re neck-deep in our kid’s bath renovation project and decided that now’s the time to add some additional lighting to our dark, alcove bath/shower area.

Initially, I was hesitant to start playing with electricity but now that I’m done, I have to say this was a pretty easy project that has a huge impact on our showering experience.

Here’s what you’ll need:

And of course any switches, boxes, etc. for your particular project.

Before diving in, make sure you know which way your joists are running, this will make life a heck of a lot easier.

Step 1

Cut the hole

The light kit comes with a template for you to use to help mark the size of the hole you’ll need to cut. A 6” hole saw will make easy work of this as you won’t have to draw the circle out, or kill your arms and neck trying to cut a hole in the ceiling.

If you’re cheap like me, the pain is worth it.

Step 2

Cut the access hole and drill the wire path

After the hole for your light is cut, you’ll need to cut a rectangle at the wall. This is where you’ll pull your wire to. Depending on whether or not you’re doing this with finished walls, you’ll also need to cut out some additional rectangles to continue the wire path until you get to the switch.

Step 3

Run the Wire

Nothing additional to add to that, just fish the wire through the holes.

Step 4

Wire the Light

Simply follow the instructions on how to wire the light. The Halo light is great as you simply press fit the Romex wires into the junction box connectors. It then clamps shut. Super easy.

Step 5

Wire the Switch

Again, nothing additional to add here. If you want I can make a tutorial on switch wiring at a later date!

Step 6

Mount the Junction Box

You’ll need to mount the junction box to the joist. I needed to use my impact drill since the hole was so small. It’s a bit precarious working in such a tight space but I eventually got it all up there nice and tight.

Step 7

Pop in the Light

The Halo has two clamps that are spring-loaded so they hold to the sheetrock nice and tight. Just flip the clamps up and pop the light into the hole.

Now turn the breaker back on, flip the switch and enjoy your new light!

If you learned something new today, or if you have questions on this particular project, please leave me a comment below!

Thanks for watching.



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