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AP’s 2022 Shop Small List – Who Made It?

The Saturday after Black Friday is known as (thanks to American Express) Small Business Saturday! I try to #ShopSmall as much as I can throughout the year and I do have some regular go-to’s that help me bring my project to life. Check out the video to hear why I chose this year’s top 5.

Here are the links! Please show your support not just today but every Saturday throughout the year!

A Little Shop of Comics 

Prusa Research by Josef Prusa 

Fusion 360 for Makers from I Like to Make Stuff 

BONUS: How to Model 3D Model Props from Punished Props Academy 

Scale Hobbyist 

Korbanth Sabers 

And of course, The MADE by AP Store 

Happy shopping! PS – None of the folks above knew that I was going to be shouting their praises today. I’m not sponsored by or getting compensation from any of them. They’re just awesome shops.