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Unboxing Spengler’s Nutrona Wand + Connecting it to the Haslab Proton Pack

After my recent acquisition of Haslab’s proton pack, I couldn’t resist picking up it’s tried and true companion – the Nutrona Wand. Fortunately, the wand isn’t behind a crowdfunded firewall so you can easily pick one up at the Hasbro Pulse website or even on Amazon.

Here’s a link if you’d like to pick up your own (this is an affiliate link so I can a small incentive whenever you purchase through it, thanks!):


Similar to the Proton Pack, this comes in packaging made to look like an old tool box, it’s super cool and I may try to make a real one someday.

Also like the Proton Pack, it is a thing of beauty with all kinds of great playability to it including fully functioning switches that control different modes and functions. A switch here powers it up while a switch there changes it from proton mode to slim blower mode to ice blower (didn’t know that was a thing) to fire blower (that too is something I had no clue about!).

I think I’ll keep it in proton mode, I’m a classic kind of guy.

This takes 3 AAA batteries, however, if you have the proton pack, you can easily connect it to that to take advantage of the 4 D batteries inside that!

Connecting to the Proton Pack

Your Haslab proton pack came with a hose that lets you connect the wand. This is specially created to take advantage not only of the power, but it also integrates allowing you to control the pack with the switches on the wand which is awesome if you’re at a con since you won’t need someone to power you up while wandering around.

To connect the wand, simply slide the power connecter into the wand where you normally would put the battery pack and then screw the other end to the pack.

Bam. You’re done! Super easy.

Check out the video above for my full review and unboxing. Thanks for stopping by!