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How to Replace a MacBook Air Battery

If you own a MacBook Air circa mid-2012 to 2017, you may have noticed that the battery life has started to deteriorate. This is just the way of life, batteries lose charge over time and if you find that even after several hours on the cord you only get about ten minutes of usage when you unplug, welp. It’s time to replace the battery. Replacing the battery on your MacBook Air is an easy task with the right tools.

Step 1: Buy the correct battery

My MacBook Air is an A1466, so if you just go to Amazon, or Batteries Plus or wherever you get your batteries, just make sure you get the one that will fit your Macbook. The best part, is that most of these COME with the tools you’ll need to open up your laptop too! How nice of them.

Shopping List

Mid-2012 to 2017 A1466 Battery

Other Places You Can Buy Batteries

Batteries Plus


Step 2: Turn off your MacBook Air

Shut down your MacBook Air and unplug it from any power source. You should also disconnect any external devices.

Step 3: Remove the back cover

Turn your MacBook Air over so that the bottom is facing up. Use the P5 Pentalobe screwdriver that came with your battery to remove the ten screws on the back cover. Keep the screws in a safe place because you’ll need them to put the cover back on.

Step 4: Disconnect the battery connector

Once you’ve removed the back cover, you’ll see the battery. Disconnect the battery connector from the logic board. There’s a little plastic tab on the connector, just gently pull it to disconnect. Be careful not to damage any of the other components.

Step 5: Remove the battery

Use the T5 Torx screwdriver to remove the five screws holding the battery in place. Lift the battery out of the MacBook Air

Step 6: Install the new battery

Place the new battery in the MacBook Air and screw it in place using the two screws you removed in step 5.

Step 7: Reconnect the battery connector

Connect the battery connector back to the logic board.

Step 8: Replace the back cover

Put the back cover back on the MacBook Air and screw in the ten screws you removed in step 3.

Step 9: Turn on your MacBook Air

Turn your MacBook Air back on, and you’re done. Head on over to your settings, search for Battery health, and voila there should be no service errors showing.

I hope this saved you a few bucks at the Genius Bar!