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Easy DIY Treadmill Desk!

Get those extra steps in by turning your treadmill into a workstation! You just need a few simple tools and items and you’ll be off and, uh, walking while chipping away at your inbox or updating those awful TPS reports!

Step 1

Drill pilot holes in the ends of your shelf. I set my 3″ from each end. Make sure you drill deep enough to accommodate the full length of the screw, otherwise, you’ll bulge out the laminated top.



Step 2

Screw in your eye bolts. You can use a screwdriver or even a long bolt to help give you some leverage while you turn them (it makes it go way faster and is much easier on your fingers).

Step 3

Place the shelf on the arms of your treadmill.

Step 4

Strap down with two bungee cords.

Step 5

Get to work!

Enjoy this super simple project and get those extra steps in today!