Save Your Back and DIY Your Own Standing Desk Converter


Like a lot of you out there I have a day job that keeps me sitting in front of a computer most of the day. That’s not great for the...
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Super Easy DIY 2×4 Workbench + FREE PLANS

Projects My workshop is a certified disaster area so to help in my tidying up process, I decided to build a simple...
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SAG-AFTRA Strike – No Project This Week


Hi folks, today is my normal upload day however due to the current SAG-AFTRA strike I don’t have any project videos this week! Learn...
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How to 3D Model and Print Challenge Coins

3D Printing

As a big Star Wars fan, I recently attended Star Wars Celebration Europe and had a blast. It had everything a Star Wars convention should...
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Simple Haslab Proton Pack Upgrades


I love my Haslab Proton Pack but I wanted to make some upgrades to it. Check out these simple and easy mods that anyone can do with basic...
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Chopper Model Kit Build from Star Wars Rebels

Models, Star Wars

I finally printed a resin model on my Elegoo Saturn and of course, it had to be from Star Wars. Check out my build and paint of the sassy...
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Cheap (and Easy) Upgrade for the Teleprompter!

Projects Did someone say teleprompter hack? No? Okay maybe it was just me. I have the GVM iPad Teleprompter and while...
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