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How to Make a Cloth Mask

Grab your sewing machine, some fabric, elastic and get making!

While my 3D printer is running non-stop producing face shield visors, I wanted to put my hands to use by creating some actual face masks!

The CDC has some great guidance on what the fabric face masks should accomplish, you can learn more here.


There are some really great resources that provide templates and instructions on how to make these masks, for mine I used:

  • Be A Mask Maker: This is a great, one-stop shop for templates of all types of cloth masks as well as information on the hospitals that need them.
  • Happy DIY Home: Another great resource to get full instructions on how to DIY your own different types of masks including one where you can repurpose a t-shirt!
  • Atlantic Health: This is my local hospital where I’ll be sending over the masks when done. Some really good info and video to boot!


I had some left-over fabric from my Bubble Guppie costume extravaganza, so I used that. I also picked up some new fabric from Joann Fabrics. They were still shipping in a timely manner.

For the elastic cords, I picked up some on eBay.

WARNING – people are adding “for face masks” or “for making masks” to their titles on eBay now on cord that is actually NOT really great at holding on masks. Make sure whatever you buy is good for “ear hanging” masks.


I’m not even going to document this, just head on over to https://www.beamaskmaker.org or Happy DIY Home and you’ll find TONS of different designs, templates and instructions

I’d love to see how you all made out. Please share a link to your own mask pictures in the comments below!

Happy making,